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MID-OREGON REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION is here to provide a dynamic educational and network environment for all real estate investors who desire to get as much as they put into their experience. From beginners to very seasoned real estate professionals, all members have the opportunity to enhance their real estate experience, education, and life by freely networking, learning and growing through attendance, reaching out, and joining force. 



There are four basic membership types: Individual, Partnership, Company and Vendor; and membership is paid on an annual basis for each. However; there is also a monthly offering for a single individual. Annual membership is the best way to take advantage of all Mid OR REIA has to offer. 

Individual Membership
- Is the most common membership, and is used for individual business person, or soon-to-be investor who wants to join as a full member.  There are a couple of options for the Individual Membership: 

     The "Single" member membership - in which the member is sponsoring oneself to be a member; 
     The Joint or "Couple" membership - in which the member is sponsoring oneself and their spouse or partner-in-life to be members. 

Partnership Membership - This is a membership for a company, probably an LLC or LLP, but it is not for two people living in the same house. Or it may simply be that you met the person at the club meeting, and decided to split the membership cost. Two people can join who do not live together under this membership type.  

Small Business Membership - This is for a legal business entity, which may have employees, and wants to have more than just two people belong. This membership allows for up to three people to belong during the year. It is also good for the family business.  

Vendor Membership - Where would we be without our sponsoring vendors?  This membership is for our sponsoring vendors who have the opportunity to present their business wares and services to the members at each meeting. They may also set up a table display at each meeting and pass out literature. Vendors are approved as sponsors to the association before membership is granted.

Individual Monthly Membership - Want to go month-by-month? There's an individual membership for that too. 


    Single Member - $100  

    Couple - $125 (2 people who live together)

    Partnership - $150 (2 people- a business arrangement, not living together) 

    Small Business - $200 (3 people membership)

    Vendor - $350 (4 people membership, plus barker privileges)


    Individual Monthly Membership - $15 same day, each month until you stop. Pay with credit card, Visa, MC, Discover or Am Ex.

 Membership TypePriceRecurringPrice
SelectSingle $100.00 Annually $100.00
SelectCouple (living together) $125.00 Annually $125.00
SelectPartnership (not living together) $150.00 Annually $150.00
SelectSmall Business $200.00 Annually $200.00
SelectVendor $350.00 Annually $350.00
SelectIndividual Monthly $15.00 Monthly $15.00

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All members and membership types receive free access to regularly scheduled meetings, usually two meetings per month. You'll notice that many investors share their information freely and there is much you can learn and share by attending these meetings.

All members and membership types receive discounts and when offered, free access on special seminars, workshops and other events.

Discounts on products and benefits from Home Depot, REIA Bookclub, Rental Car Program and other Mid-Oregon REIA programs.

A chance to network with other real estate investors of all levels, in all areas of real estate investing.
A chance to meet real estate investors from all over the country.

Free professional real estate website (personal-level)

  Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, Mid-Oregon   REIA can help you learn more, make more and have more fun doing it!