Oregon Real Estate Investors Association


Real Estate investing is on the rise, and there's lots of competition! 

Get educated at your Oregon REIA so you can make your deals better and faster!

Coming up October 10th: Understanding your preliminary title report!

  1. Why is it called the "Preliminary"?
  2. What does that easement mean to you?
  3. Who has to pay the back HOA Dues?
    1. Who says there's a HOA?
    2. What are the C, C, and Rs?
  4. There's an unfathomable number of questions that pop-up when you actually read the report!

Join us at the Holiday Inn Eugene/Springfield (919 Kruse Way, Springfield) on Tuesday evening, October 10th for dinner, learning and getting to know the pros in Real Estate Investing! 

Training brought to you by Evergreen Land Title Company and Joe Silence.