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Main Monthly Meeting - Contracts

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Main Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Holiday Inn Gateway
919 Kruse Way
Springfield | Eugene, OR 97477


learn how to execute contracts!

Do you want to purchase properties directly from sellers? 
Do you want to negotiate terms? 
Do you want to negotiate price? 
Do you want to negotiate pay-off length?

This is a sequel project to the profoundly executed presentation by Mike Jacka in August! You've made your agreement, now put it on paper!

Grace Widdicombe and Ron Bush will take you through the weeds of contracts so you can execute friendly contracts with sellers.  

Grace learned how to execute contracts with sellers through many expensive coaching programs, now she executes these contracts with sellers.  

Find out why Grace isn't worried about all the money she is putting into the "money pit," as her General Contractor calls it. (Hint: It's because she has only paid a total of $2500 so far for it, and there's no interest payments - ever!) 

 Ron Bush on the other hand is a retired real estate attorney from the state of California.
Ron Bush is now an active real estate investor in Eugene, and a Real Estate Broker at Equinox Real Estate.  


 Grace and Ron bring both sides of the buyer and seller side of the contract fun to the classroom in this exciting night of contract fun for you. 
So much fun, we thought we should call it "Fun with Contracts,"  but realized that name might get us in trouble somewhere down the line. 


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Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Holiday Inn Gateway
919 Kruse Way
Springfield | Eugene, OR 97477

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